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NPR logo No Winner (Gasp!) For The May Political Junkie Election Contest

No Winner (Gasp!) For The May Political Junkie Election Contest

Amid great fanfare back on April 22, I launched the official "Political Junkie Election Contest," which listed ten races held in May — Senate primaries in Indiana (R), North Carolina (D), Ohio (D), Arkansas (D), Kentucky (D & R) and Pennsylvania (D), plus special House races in Georgia's 9th, Pennsylvania's 12th and Hawaii's 1st Districts.  And you had to pick the winners in all ten.

The first one to correctly call all of them would not only win a genuine Nixon or McGovern campaign button from 1972, but he or she would have their names spelled out in a special ScuttleButton puzzle ... assuming it was possible.

Of course, several of the contests — such as the Democratic Senate primaries in Arkansas and North Carolina — were pushed off to a final result in a June runoff.  I would have accepted whoever led the initial primary as the correct answer.

And now, with Saturday's congressional results in Hawaii in, it is now time to announce the winner.

And the winner is ... no one.

No one named all ten correctly.  According to our crack statistician Eyder Peralta, just two people — Andrew Beal of Wake Forest, N.C., and Jimmy Dahroug of Brentwood, N.Y., got nine out of ten.  Jimmy incorrectly picked Tim Burns (R) as the winner in PA 12, and Andrew saw Cal Cunningham winning the Dem Senate primary in NC.

Eyder reports that the average score was 50 percent.  Only 17 percent of Junkies guessed that Joe Sestak would dethrone Arlen Specter, while 80 percent believed that Rand Paul would win in Kentucky.

Here are the results: