Fact: Dale Peterson's Ad May Have Been Great, But He Didn't Win : It's All Politics His tough-talking campaign ad sparked a furor on the Web -- but didn't get him enough votes to be the GOP's nominee for Ag Commissioner in Alabama.

Fact: Dale Peterson's Ad May Have Been Great, But He Didn't Win

As would-be Alabama Agriculture commissioner Dale Peterson rides off into the sunset after placing third yesterday in his state's GOP primary, now's a good time to look back at what some are saying is the best campaign ad ever:


Our friends at PolitiFact pointed out that it wasn't necessarily the most accurate campaign ad ever. They said Peterson's claim that an opponent took "illegal money"  is only "half true" because it isn't necessarily supported by the law.

And, Politifact ruled it's "barely true" for Paterson to say he was "a Marine during Vietnam." He served in the USMC in the '60s, he never went to Vietnam.

But it's an ad that made an impression -- and about 1.5 million YouTube views. Like Chuck Norris before him, Peterson also inspired a slew of "facts" (#34: "Dale Peterson's running mates are Smith and Wesson"). And there was a slightly ribald FunnyOrDie.com parody (another thing Peterson has in common with Chuck).

So, he certainly had his moment in the spotlight. And who knows, Peterson, a businessman who became a bit of a cable news star in recent weeks, may be back again at some point. Now, what do we all think about the ad?