Those Weekly Trivia Questions On TOTN : It's All Politics One reader suggested that because he hears the trivia question on TOTN's Political Junkie segment each Wednesday but sometimes misses the answer, the Q&A should be posted in this blog.
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Those Weekly Trivia Questions On TOTN

One of my favorite parts of the Political Junkie segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation each Wednesday is the omnipresent trivia question that leads the show.  Yes, it can result in a valuable T-shirt -- check out this rare photo of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio modeling the shirts! -- but, more important, it often leads to a fun discussion about campaign history and lore.

It has become a popular feature of the segment.  But sometimes, it frustrates listeners.  Vic Laws of Salisbury, Md., sent in this comment:

I sometimes hear the trivia question from your show while in my car.  Then I get to my destination or whatever and miss the answer.  Can I pick up the answer on the website?

Vic, I think this is a very good idea.  Starting today, I will end each Wednesday with a post repeating the trivia question and then publishing the answer the following morning.  Thanks for suggesting it!

Which reminds me ... reader Judy Caminer of Anchorage, Alaska wanted to know the answer to this question from a couple of weeks ago that she had missed:  Mitt Romney ran for president in 2008, and his father, George, was once governor of Michigan.  The question:  Besides the Romneys, who was the last father-son combination in which the son ran for president and the father ran for governor?

The answer:  Steve Forbes and Malcolm Forbes.  Steve, of course, ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 1996.  His father Malcolm was the GOP nominee for governor of New Jersey in 1957.

(One caller guessed Pat and Jerry Brown of California.  Son Jerry did run for president, and father Pat did run for governor, but since Jerry first ran for president in 1976, I'm going with the Forbeses as the most recent.)

Today's trivia question was:  Meg Whitman is leading in her bid to become the Republican nominee for governor in California in next week's primary, and Carly Fiorina is favored for the GOP Senate nomination as well.  When was the last time -- and the first time -- the Republican Party of the same state nominated women for governor and the U.S. Senate in the same year?  (Answer tomorrow.)