Snapshot Of Tuesday's Primary Results : It's All Politics The main focus on Tuesday's primaries was in South Carolina, where Nikki Haley won the GOP gubernatorial runoff and Tim Scott, an African-American Republican, is on his way to winning an open congressional seat.

Snapshot Of Tuesday's Primary Results

A quick list of who won in the primaries and runoffs at stake on Tuesday:


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Governor (R):  State Rep. Nikki Haley defeated Congressman Gresham Barrett by a 65-35 percent margin.  She faces Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen in November.  If she wins, she'll be the state's first female governor and the nation's second Indian-American elected to that post.  Gov. Mark Sanford (R-Argentina) is term limited.

1st CD (R):  State Rep. Tim Scott, South Carolina's first black Republican state lawmaker in history, defeated Charleston Co. councilman Paul Thurmond, son of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, 68-32 percent.  He faces perennial candidate Ben Frasier (D) in the solidly GOP district in the fall.  If he wins, he'll be the first black member of the House since Oklahoma's J.C. Watts left after 2002, and only the fourth in the past century.  Rep. Henry Brown (R) is retiring.

4th CD (R):  Congressman Bob Inglis was trounced by former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy by a 73-27 percent margin.  The district is overwhelmingly Republican.  Inglis is the fifth member of Congress to lose his bid for renomination this cycle.


Senate (D):  Secretary of State Elaine Marshall defeated former state Sen. Cal Cunningham 60-40 percent.  She'll face GOP incumbent Richard Burr in November.


Senate (R):  Attorney Mike Lee, a favorite of Tea Party groups, narrowly defeated businessman Tim Bridgewater by about three percentage points.  The incumbent, three-term Republican Bob Bennett, failed to receive enough support at the May GOP state convention to even compete in the primary; he later endorsed Bridgewater.  Lee is the prohibitive favorite in November against restaurant owner Sam Granato (D) in a state where Democrats haven't won a Senate race since 1970.

2nd CD (D):  Rep. Jim Matheson, seeking his sixth term and forced into a primary for the first time by Democrats angered over his opposition to the Obama health care bill, easily defeated challenger Claudia Wright by a 68-32 percent margin.  Matheson will face former state lawmaker Morgan Philpot (R) in November.