How Many 'No' Votes For Elena Kagan? : It's All Politics Barring some bombshell, Elena Kagan is likely to be confirmed as the nation's 112th Supreme Court justice.
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How Many 'No' Votes For Elena Kagan?

I'm starting to think that Republicans don't like Elena Kagan and Democrats do.

I'm starting to think that Republicans think Kagan has a pre-existing agenda but Democrats do not believe that.

But I also think that, unless something dramatic unfolds — and yes, this is only Day One of her confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee — she will become the 112th justice on the United States Supreme Court.

The only suspense, if you can call it that, will be how many votes will be cast against her nomination.  When she was confirmed as solicitor general in March 2009, the vote was 61-31.

Here is a listing of the most "no" votes in the Senate against a Supreme Court nominee since World War II.

Robert Bork — 58 (rejected 42-58, 10/23/87)

Clement Haynsworth — 55 (rejected 45-55, 11/21/69)

G. Harrold Carswell — 51 (rejected 45-51, 4/8/70)

Clarence Thomas — 48 (confirmed 52-48, 10/15/91)

Samuel Alito — 42 (confirmed 58-42, 1/31/06)

William Rehnquist (for chief justice) — 33 (confirmed 65-33, 9/17/86)

Sonia Sotomayor — 31 (confirmed 68-31, 8/6/09)

William Rehnquist — 26 (confirmed 68-26, 12/10/71)

John Roberts (for chief justice) — 22 (confirmed 78-22, 9/29/05)

Potter Stewart — 17 (confirmed 70-17, 5/5/59)

Sherman Minton — 16 (confirmed 48-16, 10/4/49)