The Answer To Last Week's Tough ScuttleButton Challenge : It's All Politics This may have been the toughest ScuttleButton puzzle of all time.  More incorrect answers than ever before.  This week's winner:  Jessica Eiden Smedley of Charlotte, N.C.
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The Answer To Last Week's Tough ScuttleButton Challenge

It's not that nobody came up with the answer to last week's ScuttleButton puzzle.  But it was the fewest number of correct responses I've received in the year and a half this has been a regular feature on the Political Junkie blog.

There are two explanations for this.  Either it was a very clever puzzle (and, for the record, I think it was) or, more likely, the answer was too obscure for people to know what they were looking for in the first place.  Alas, I fear the latter may be the more widely accepted explanation.

Here are the buttons from last week's puzzle.

Hubert Here the Call NOW! / Minn. Hand. Dem. — Yes, the word "hear" is misspelled.  And I believe this Humphrey button comes from a group called the Minnesota Handicapped Democrats.

Gary Rosen for Councilman — One of those buttons sitting in my "I have no idea who they are" box.

1964 baseball card for infielder Phil Linz of the Yankees — best known for his "harmonica" incident with then-manager Yogi Berra.

Yes, I know the last item was a baseball card, not a button.  But (1) it is about the Yankees, and (2) the official ScuttleButton rules allow me to substitute a baseball card when necessary.

Some of the responses were, shall we say, incredibly creative.  And fun.

But — in my brain at least — when you add Here + Rosen + Phil Linz, you might end up with ...

Heroes and Villains.  The wonderful Beach Boys song from 1967 that you can listen to here.

I guess the question is:  Was it a great but tough puzzle?  Or was it just too obscure?

Regardless, there were still plenty of people who sent in the correct answer.  So I won't completely apologize for this one.

And this week's winner, chosen completely at random, is (drum roll) ... Jessica Eiden Smedley of Charlotte, N.C.

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