NPR Presents Family Matters: Your Financial Lifetime : NPR Presents An unconventional discussion about saving for college, home ownership, retirement and your financial lifetime.
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NPR Presents Family Matters: Your Financial Lifetime

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Family Matters panel
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Convening communities across the country, NPR Presents Family Matters moves the conversation beyond just talk for audiences at different phases in their economic journey. NPR Hosts, David Greene from Morning Edition and Robert Smith from Planet Money take multi-generational audiences in diverse cities across the country through an educational, interactive, lively and—believe it or not-- fun conversation.

NPR Hosts will speak with economic and personal finance experts, such as Michelle Singletary, Personal Finance Columnist from The Washington Post, Louis Barajas who defies the traditional concept of financial and business expert and Erin Currier from the PEW Foundation with research on economic mobility. They will share their own stories, while hearing stories from audiences. Audiences leave with new perspectives and answers, and a commitment to continue sharing on NPR and

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A quick look at NPR Present's Family Matters event in Rochester, New York!