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NPR Presents Family Matters, Your Financial Lifetime: An unconventional discussion about saving for college, home ownership, retirement and your financial lifetime. Convening communities across the country, NPR Presents Family Matters moves the conversation beyond just talk for audiences at different phases in their economic journey.

Rob Hickey/NPR
Family Matters
Rob Hickey/NPR

Family Matters connects regular people with economic and personal finance experts for an educational, interactive, lively and—believe it or not—fun conversation about money. Guided by NPR journalists, these dialogues invite multi-generational audiences in diverse cities across the country to share their own stories and gain in-depth knowledge from experts. Audiences leave with answers and new perspectives, and a commitment to continue these conversations with NPR and at NPR.org.

NPR Presents Michel Martin, Going There: However the story demands to be told, Michel Martin will tell it.

August Jennewein /UMSL
Michel Martin
August Jennewein /UMSL

There is no cookie cutter approach here. Not even close. Hosted by NPR's Michel Martin, these events are not radio playing out on stage; rather, they are dynamic, interactive live experiences where each issue is analyzed through the narrative and dialogue of people who are living it. People with different perspectives, histories, and experiences are connected in civil discourse to share ideas, hopes, frustrations and solutions.

Held in communities across the nation, these live, 90-minute, news-driven events center on important national conversations. Audience members are called upon to engage in rich, immersive dialogue around topical national issues that directly affect their lives and communities.

Martin goes to wherever the story is unfolding, to tear down walls that can sometimes block communication, get past the sound bites and talking points and hand over the microphone to people with important perspectives to share. She will travel to Dallas to hold a dialogue around football and to Miami, to explore immigration reform. Live Twitter conversations concurrent with each event allow the entire world to follow and join these conversations.

Water in New Orleans
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