Forgiveness, Sincerity and Dogfights : NPR Public Editor Robert Siegel responds to listener complaints about Michael Vick's appearance on All Things Considered.
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Forgiveness, Sincerity and Dogfights

Many listeners wrote (below) to complain about last night's All Things Considered segment with football star Michael Vick about his new advocacy against dogfighting. Some people thought the interview was too soft on Vick or that he shouldn't have been on at all. Host Robert Siegel's response:

Michael Vick pleaded guilty and served a prison sentence, in a federal penitentiary. Those are facts and were stated. I questioned him about the sincerity of his work for the Humane Society, given his financial interest in the rehabilitation of his reputation, and about the notion that dog fighters are in it for the money when, in fact, he was making vastly more money from football and endorsements when he was involved in dog fights. I've done many interviews in which my choice of questions to ask, or the editor's choice of questions to include, has caused me a sleepless night. This one, dog lover that I am, did not.

Listener emails we received: