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Welcome to the second installment of our weekly open forum.

To quickly answer some questions from last time:

In response to requests for indented or threaded replies, Kate Myers, NPR's product manager for social media tools, says: "I haven't forgotten! Working on it for here, first." You've been heard. We're glad, too.

Several of you raised concerns about moderating comments. As Lynn S. wrote: "You might also review the work of the moderators and to write a column addressing whether the moderators are or aren't biased in their work, and the basis for your judgment." A good point, but the ombudsman office does not moderate comments. Direct these concerns to Audience Services.

Glenna Auxier asked, "What does the ombudsman actually do?... Does he go to meetings and read these comments? Does he make suggestions based on what the comments are to do something or to stop doing something."

The ombudsman blog is driven by comments from listeners and distributed to every news employee at NPR. Your messages and my considered judgments in response are the source of debates and consideration by editors. Our office reads this new open forum for ideas and to pass things on to the newsroom. I also raise your concerns in speaking directly with reporters, editors and producers.

Please keep the comments coming. As last time, feel free to use this space to discuss media, policy and NPR's journalism. Suggest items for the ombudsman to investigate.