Open Forum and Looking Ahead to 2012 : NPR Public Editor A space for readers to share their thoughts about media, policy and NPR's journalism. And a sneak peak at the topics we're working on for next year.
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Open Forum and Looking Ahead to 2012

With the waning days of 2011 comes my last post before 2012--an open forum. Regular participants know the rules: civility. The forum keeps getting ever more interesting, at least for me. We also share your comments with the newsroom.

Part of why I like this job is its unpredictability--who knows what will come up in 2012? But here are some projects we're working on and for which you may have insights. One study is an analysis of regional bias, and what cities and states NPR covers most. Another is an analysis of racial and ethnic staffing, audience and coverage. Coming soon is a look back at an investigation of Native American foster care in South Dakota. Then there is a "thumbsucker" on the growing conflict between ethics and free speech among journalists.

I think we all enjoy each other's comments. Thank you for your thoughts and support. See you next year.