Lego's World Cup Highlights : Show Me Your Cleats! - World Cup 2010 Blog If you thought you couldn't bare to watch English goalkeeper Robert Green's fumble again, trust us, you thought wrong.  It's ten times better when reenacted with Legos!
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Lego's World Cup Highlights

Now available for those who can’t get enough of the U.S. vs England game, the ultimate highlight reel—an animated recreation of the game using Lego. The video posted by the British newspaper The Guardian is hilarious.  Robert Green’s goalkeeping goof is as excruciating in Lego as in life.

The Guardian provides a link to a German website, which is a veritable treasure trove of animated Lego soccer matches. There is a re-creation of the 1966 World Cup final between England and West Germany, shot appropriately in black and white; while Lego highlights of the opening World Cup 2010 match between South Africa and Mexico, beautifully capture South Africa’s distinctive post-goal celebration in all its glory.

True insomniacs may also enjoy the large collection of German Bundesliga matches, mostly featuring the team Hannover 96.