World Cup Served Up On A Taco Truck : Show Me Your Cleats! - World Cup 2010 Blog Sure you can watch the World Cup matches on a TV or on your computer, even on your phone but in LA the game is being taken out into the streets, Taco truck style.
NPR logo World Cup Served Up On A Taco Truck

World Cup Served Up On A Taco Truck

Kogi World Cup Truck
Amy Walters

I’m not sure if the food truck culture has smacked the rest of the country in the face quite the same way it has in LA but if you’ve been listening to NPR recently, you might notice, it’s blowin' up.

So, it was only a matter of time before the envelope was pushed.  Outside our humble little office of NPR West is now parked: Kogi Taco Truck World Cup TV!  It’s true, Kogi’s taco truck and ESPN have banded together to place a massive flat screen TV atop their famous taco truck so we not only get to eat while standing on the side of the road, we can also watch TV that way.  It’s kind of like being at home, only with no chairs and an annoying glare from the daylight that makes it hard to see the screen.

So despite the cute little TV in my comfy cubicle, I’ll dawn my sunglasses, head outside and watch Chile take on Spain. I just talked to Keith, their promoter and he said he’d even get me a chair.

Sitting on a synthetic chair on black asphalt on a sunny day in LA made me a shade of two darker and nice and toasty.  I think there’s a crick in my neck from staring up at the screen for two hours… but there were good parts too.

  1. I got to talk to my co-worker Mark for the first time, he’s a Chile, Argentina and general Americas fan
  2. I ate a tasty lamb gyro that’s given me a slight case of garlic breath.
  3. I met Brad Lonson (one of the 6 ESPN staff) who plays soccer and was also annoyed by the prevalence of 0-0 games which made me feel a little better about my bad attitude.

Would I spend another 2 hours out in the sun watching TV from the side of a truck?

Probably not and I guess that’s the feeling of most people because the project is being cut short and tomorrow’s USA Ghana game will be the last before Kogi’s out of the tournament too, returning to the regular Korean taco fare and a TV-less truck.

Amy Walters
Amy Walters

But if you’re curious, and in LA, Kogi’s World Cup taco truck (they don’t actually sell tacos) will be on Abbot Kinney in Venice at 11:30PST tomorrow and you can give it a try – let us know how it goes.

Amy Walters is a Producer for NPR's National Desk.  She works at NPR West in Culver City.