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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Saturday in a tweet that she was asked to leave The Red Hen Restaurant in downtown Lexington, Va., because she works for President Trump. Daniel Lin/AP hide caption

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Daniel Lin/AP

Phillie Phanatic Injures Fan With Hot Dog

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Czech President Milos Zeman (back row, second from left) looks on with glee Thursday as firefighters burn a large piece of red textile representing the red underwear his political opponents have used to mock him. Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images

With the Minnesota State Capitol in the background, a wily raccoon scampered on ledges more than 20 stories high this week. Sheila Donnelly-Coyne/Paige Donnelly Law hide caption

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Sheila Donnelly-Coyne/Paige Donnelly Law

Breaching humpback whale in Hawaii, where the musician and entrepreneur Paul Gilman spent time attempting to communicate with the animals via music. VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images hide caption

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VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images