Youth Vote: The Ultimate College Bowl : Soapbox DISCLOSURE: Jacob Soboroff is Executive Director of Why Tuesday?, a sponsor of the Ultimate College Bowl.
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Youth Vote: The Ultimate College Bowl

DISCLOSURE: Jacob Soboroff is Executive Director of Why Tuesday?, a sponsor of the Ultimate College Bowl.

Students compete on all fronts, from fencing, to football, to debates -- but now it's finally time for them to compete on the playing field of democracy, where their futures are most at play!

That's why my colleagues and I at Why Tuesday? , were thrilled this past week to announce the Ultimate College Bowl, the ultimate voter registration drive, with an unprecedented group of partners, including MySpace.

Our goal is for every U.S. college student to register and vote in the 2008 election, with the help of viral internet technology. And as incentives, we're offering a free "Death Cab For Cutie" concert to the school that registers the most voters, and for the students who register the most friends or classmates, scholarship money, Guitar Hero 2 setups, and more!

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To enter the contest, students should log onto , and add our viral voter registration widget to your MySpace page to register every one of your friends to vote. You can even add the widget to your own personal website!

This is the first time America's four largest non-partisan voter registration groups - Declare Yourself, HeadCount, Student PIRGs, and Rock the Vote - as well as Why Tuesday?, a leading voter education organization, have joined forces to register voters. In addition to the "Death Cab" concerts and other incentives, participating students from every state are eligible to become a "delegate" at the Constitutional Convention 2.0 at the National Constitution Center in January 2009, in Philadelphia.

It's a groundbreaking initiative -- and here's how it works. The contest uses the latest online viral technology to allow students to register to vote and get credit for every peer whom they register. An application, built on MySpace's developer platform, is available for MySpace users and an embeddable widget is available for placement on other sites, including MTV's Declare Yourself, HeadCount and Rock the Vote, the three leading youth voter-oriented registration organizations, are making the application available on their respective websites. The technology and contest rules also allow for groups staging on-the-ground voter registration, including the Student PIRGs, to participate. Every college student and every college campus in the U.S. has the ability to compete.