Impact of War : Soapbox A preview of Weekend Edition's Impact of War series. Tell us how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have affected you or your community.
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Impact of War

The United States has been at war for more than seven years, most of those who have paid the price for the U.S. conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are members of the all-volunteer military and their families. Weekend Edition Sunday begins a four-part series, exploring how the wars have affected individuals and their loved ones.

The series begins in Portland, Oregon on December 7th, with the story of a veteran whose mental health and life have been shattered by his experiences in Iraq. On December 14th, host Liane Hansen and producer Peter Breslow take us to northwest Pennsylvania, where three veterans— a former Air Force dog handler, the medic who saved her and her bomb sniffing dog— are trying to heal one another. The third story— about the Army burn unit in San Antonio— airs on December 21st, and the fourth, a story about the children of the deployed, ends the series on December 28th.

Weekend Edition Sunday produced the series in cooperation with NPR's Impact of War Project. The collaboration is an outreach effort to NPR member station reporters around the country to aid in increasing their local coverage of the experiences and sacrifices of US troops and their communities.. Links to many of these stories examining how community attitudes, public policy, military strategy, medicine and technology are altered by the wars can be found on

Feel free to tell us your story — how have the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq affected you or your community?