CyberFrequencies : Soapbox Tanya Jo Miller of Cyberfrequencies tell us what not to miss on the web this week.


On this week's CyberFrequencies' podcast, Queena Kim and Tanya Jo Miller dish with KPCC's Molly Peterson about Fortune Magazine's tech conference.

The band featured on this week's show -- Awesome New Republic -- is begging folks, please, steal my music (on Pirate's Bay), which reminds me of Jackson Musker's prescient article a while back about pirate ethos called "Share Thy Booty" reminding us it's OK to share our files -- sharing is caring.

And last, before August ends, don't forget your summer reading (and ever-increasing gadgets needed to survive your time unplugged). Molly Peterson and Queena Kim take the kindle (and a video camera) to the beach for some summer reading. Here's their review: