CyberFrequencies : Soapbox Tanya Jo Miller of Cyberfrequencies tell us what not to miss on the web this week.
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This week on CyberFrequencies, find out what's on the browsers of Arianna Huffington, Howard Dean and guest blogger Bright B. Simons from Ghana.

Also on, you can also watch an exclusive video of Ashton Kutcher defending the fading "star system" (and explain why stars have to get with the technological age). And, finally, watch a video of the late inventor/guitarist Les Paul explain to an amazed host the magic of a multi-track music recording.

On the CyberFrequencies podcast, listen to Wired writer Fred Vogelstein ruminate on a future in which our Facebook IDs are more important than our driver's licenses. You'll also find out why CyberFrequencies' producer Jackson Musker isn't friendly to Facebook creator (or idea stealer) Mark Zuckerberg. Musker blogs about why he would NOT accept Zuckerberg if he tried to "friend" him.