CyberFrequencies : Soapbox Queena Kim and Tanya Miller of Cyberfrequencies tell us what not to miss on the web this week.
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Queena Kim and Molly Peterson take Amazon's Kindle to the beach for some summer reading, and speak with 17-year-old Justin Gawronski, a high school student who's suing Amazon for deleting his Kindle copy of "1984." On the website, Jackson Musker's blog Search Wars looks at Microsoft's partnership with Yahoo! And the release of its Bing search engine to challenge Google. It's a sports fan's take on the blockbuster acquisition. Compare the search engines for yourself at

Also on CyberFrequencies' blogs, Kevin Ferguson interviews executive producer John Rabe on his iPhone. And in our "Only on the Web" video section,we feature things that could happen, well, only on the web. This week's is a "gruesome" drive-by shooting.

In CyberFrequencies Video, we have Apple Computer's breakout ad guessed it...1984. If you missed last week's CyberFrequencies Radio, you'll definitely want to catch the interview with Scott Simon , who explained his amazement at seeing the invention of the wheel, and how he'd like to be around to give up on taxis and get beamed to where he wants to go.