The Kid Reporter : Soapbox Meet Brennan Labrie, the 9-year-old reporter behind the Spruce St. Weekly, a hand written weekly Port Townsend neighborhood newspaper.

The Kid Reporter

In a moment of gratuitous vanity, scanning through the list of Twitterers following @nprweekend, I came across @KidReporter -- on his page, 9-year-old Brennan Labrie is looking earnestly at the camera, holding something like a Mister Microphone. Intrigued, I followed the link to his blog and watched the delightful video report from his neighborhood, posted below. I was especially impressed by his innate curiosity, and his belief that "everybody has an interesting story in them." That reminded me of the late 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt and how he said the most important thing in journalism is this:


I sent off a Tweet to Brennan, encouraging him to stick with his journalistic pursuits. I soon heard back that he had been chosen by Time for Kids as one of 12 finalists for school reporter this season. Hope you can listen to @nprscottsimon's interview!