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Frequently Asked Questions about Blog of the Nation

What is Blog of the Nation?

Blog of the Nation is the blog companion to NPR's Talk of the Nation, a daily live, two-hour, call-in talk show hosted by Neal Conan.

What is Talk of the Nation?

Talk of the Nation is a live, call-in program that airs Monday through Thursday. Neal Conan is the host, and also blogs here. We talk about everything from Condi to Britney ... if it's news, and well, you know, the talk of the nation!

What is the purpose of the blog?

Blog of the Nation (BOTN) is a place for dog walkers, dogs, math teachers, poets, mechanics, babysitters, astronauts, and NPR fans to find out more about Talk of the Nation (TOTN), and to talk about the day's news stories. We'll provide a place for people who listen to our show to comment on it as it happens, and to talk to other listeners about it. We'll also let readers in on the more interesting aspects of the TOTN editorial process, and provide information we just couldn't squeeze into the program. And we'll use the blog to solicit your experiences and input on stories we're working on, but haven't quite figured out yet.

Who can comment?

Anyone — even the dogs.

Can I only comment about TOTN?

Comments should be on topic for each blog posting.

Do you have rules about what can or cannot be said in the comments?

We sure do. Please see our guidelines for comments.

What if I have a question or comment for the show that's on the air right now?

You have a variety of options — you can call us at 1-800-989-TALK (8255), comment on this blog (where we'll have a place for you to do so for each segment), or use the "Contact Us" form.

Who writes the blog?

Currently, three of Talk of the Nation's producers — Scott Cameron, Sarah Handel, and Barrie Hardymon — write the majority of posts on the blog. Host Neal Conan also posts.

Does Neal Conan write the blog?

Some of the posts are Neal's — you'll see his name in italics under the post if he's the author.

How often do you post new entries to the blog?

We post at least once a day, Monday through Thursday, but don't set your watch by it.

Can I suggest show topics on the blog?

The best way to suggest show topics is to read the article, "How to Pitch a Show to Talk of the Nation." However, we may also use the blog to stir up ideas, so don't be surprised if we ask for your suggestions. When this happens, you can just dive into the discussion and post a comment.

What if I want to email the show privately?

The best way to email the show is to use the "Contact Us" form. You can use it to give us general input, ask us questions that don't pertain to specific posts, and offer comments that you'd rather keep off the blog itself.

Will blog comments be read on the air?

It's possible — all public comments are fair game for air. If you'd like your comment to be kept private, send it to us via the Contact Us form and specify it's not for air.

Can I link to your blog?


Will you link to my blog?

Probably not, unless it's related to something we're doing on the show.

Do I need to sign up to be eligible to post comments?

Not at the moment, but that may change someday as we add new community features to the website.