September 26th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's program religion in the prison system, tomorrow night's Republican debate, the Zen of sports, and the life-altering power of Starbucks.
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September 26th Show

We start our program today with a discussion about religion in the prison system. Terrorism experts fear that American prisons galvanize some inmates who convert to radical Islam and other extreme religions views that promote acts of violence. As a result, the federal Bureau of Prisons ordered prison chapel libraries to remove all religious books, videos, CDs and tapes that are not included on an approved list of materials... and have since modified that order to only remove those publications "found to be inappropriate, such as material that could be radicalizing or to incite violence." But is the move unconstitutional? Unethical? How serious is the threat of religion in prisons? Following that conversation, we go inside the world of politics. Our own political junkie Ken Rudin and republican media pundit Armstrong Williams talk about tomorrow's republican debate scheduled to take place on the campus of an African-American university... to which a number of candidates have decided to pull a no-show.

In our second hour, Bill Littlefield, author and host of NPR's sports show Only a Game, talks about how sports can actually tell a story about the human experience. In his new book, also entitled Only a Game, Littlefield explains why we must remain calm when it comes to watching sports, talking about sports, or playing a sport. Whether you win or lose, remember... it's only a game. Following that, author Mike Gill talks about how Starbucks saved his life. Apparently you can find happiness working in the darnedest places. Good thing there is a Starbucks on practically every corner!!!