September 5th Show : Blog Of The Nation Here's what's coming up for your listening ears today:
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September 5th Show

Here's what's coming up for your listening ears today:

In our first hour, we'll talk about the life and legacy of Condoleezza Rice with Glenn Kessler, diplomatic correspondent for the Washington Post. According to Kessler, Secretary Rice's new brand of diplomacy has not met with much success. His new book, entitled "The Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy," chronicles her service as Secretary of State, and previously as National Security Advisor. We'll continue our walk through the world of politics with our political editor Ken Rudin. Today's Political Junkie segment centers around Larry Craig's answering machine faux pas, Fred Thompson's upcoming late night announcement, and the White House's PR campaign for next week's progress report on Iraq.

In hour two, we'll talk about fashion most of us can actually afford. Counterfeit fashion is racking up big business (sorry for that pun!). But where is the line drawn between inspiration and theft? In keeping with the clothing theme, director Almudena Carracedo will talk about her new PBS documentary for P.O.V., "Made in L.A." that takes us inside Los Angeles' garment industry through the eyes of three Latina immigrants fighting for basic labor law protection.

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