September 6th Show : Blog Of The Nation Here's what's coming up today, short and sweet:
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September 6th Show

Here's what's coming up today, short and sweet:

In hour one, we'll talk to blogger Mike Rogers. He specializes in outing members of Congress whom he believes to be gay, but who act against what Rogers regards as gay rights. We'll ask him and other guests when, if ever, it is okay to publicize a politician or celebrity's sexual orientation. Later in that hour, we visit with the Motley Fool's David Gardner and check in on Neal's fantasy portfolio.

Our second hour begins with a discussion on life dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder. When does checking, double-checking and second-guessing cross the line into obsession? Following that, we talk about the adventures of WordGirl with the animated children's series creator, Dorothea Gillim. WordGirl saves the world with her sophisticated vocabulary and the cartoon series premieres tomorrow on PBS Kids Go. At the end of the hour, we'll pay tribute to legendary Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, who died today after a battle with cancer.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the show.