Start Your SCOTUS : Blog Of The Nation The Supreme Court will weigh-on on who gets to vote, and lethal injections.
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To most of us, the Supreme Court is this somewhat amorphous entity that makes important decisions, but rarely seems to affect our everyday lives. That's the perception anyway. For this coming Fall term, though, the court has picked up a couple of cases that will be felt almost immediately. The first comes in a case out of Indiana where a new law requires you to show a photo ID in order to vote. With a presidential election coming next year, the decision could change the way states handle polling. There's another case out of Kentucky that, by one report, is the first time the Court will hear a challenge to an execution method since 1879. The justices will decide if the so-called cocktail administered in lethal injection executions amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. David Savage will have all the details on what's coming up this term, and how it might affect you (feel free to post your questions). And, Jeffrey Rosen will talk a little about the makeup of this court, and what it might mean in terms of the opinions.