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A Chorus in Her Head

Today we've got the story of a woman with dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as multiple personalities disorder. Her doctor, Richard Baer, will tell her story. The identity of his patient must remain anonymous, so when I was searching for tape today, I came across a story NPR aired more than 13 years ago, about Beth Hafling. At the time, she had dozens of personalities, and her friend, radio producer Dan Gediman, handed her a tape recorder so she could share her story, and hopefully help others with the same problem feel less alone. The piece clocks in at a lush 25 minutes, and Beth's story is very similar to that of Dr. Baer's patient. Since our online archives don't go back quite that far, here's a taste: Beth... and many of her other personalities (audio) sorting through the abuses she suffered. Do you, or does someone you know, have the disorder? Please share your stories here.