Hollywood on Darfur : Blog Of The Nation In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Mia Farrow argues that China is underwriting genocide in Darfur, and must do more to stop the violence.
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Hollywood on Darfur

Mia Farrow is most famous for her movies, but lately she's been splitting her time between Hollywood and humanitarian work... Especially when it comes to Darfur. And she points a finger directly at China for not doing more to stop the killing in Sudan. China is their most important trading partner (they buy roughly 2/3 of Sudan's oil), giving Beijing a lot of leverage over the government in Khartoum. In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal last Friday, Mia Farrow pushed China to do more on Darfur. And with what she calls, the "Genocide Olympics" coming to Beijing next year, she argues now is the time to turn the screws on China... and anyone involved with the games.