October 2nd Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, homosexuality in the Muslim world, Osprey's debut, listener blogs and emails, Cheech Marin and reporting while black.
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October 2nd Show

Today, for your listening ears:

Last week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed an audience at Columbia University and stated, in part, "We do not have homosexuals in Iran like you do in your country." Many gay Muslims have responded in disbelief at the denial of their existence and the hostilities they face in their countries. Parvez Sharma, a gay Muslim filmmaker, is among our guests who will shed light on the harsh, often underground world of homosexuality in many Muslim countries. Following that, we'll talk about the development of the 'Osprey.' It flies like a plane and lands like a helicopter, and makes its debut in Iraq after 25 years in the making. We'll end our first hour with a look at listener emails and blog comments about the 50th anniversary of Little Rock, baseball playoffs, and finding love when you love to text message.

Cheech Marin pays us a visit in our second hour. He seems to define the term "multi-talented." He's been in films, on television, voiced cartoons and he's even written a children's book. Today, he can add "public radio star" to his growing list of accomplishments. He's probably best known as the "Cheech" to Tommy Chong's "Chong," the comedic duo that was widely popular in the '70s and '80s. (Cheech is the shorter one, in case you were wondering.) What you may not know about Cheech is that he is also an avid collector of Chicano art. In fact he is among the world's foremost Chicano art collectors. Where does he find the time?! At the end of the hour, we'll talk to New York Times reporter Solomon Moore about the challenges of finding himself reporting in the wrong place at the wrong time as a black man.

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