October 30th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, playing with fire, war with Iran?, anatomy of a nightmare, and resuscitating Halloween.
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October 30th Show

Authorities investigating the cause of the wildfires that swept through California suspect arson in at least one of them. In our first hour, we'll speak with an arson specialist who will profile the personality and motive of an arsonist, and a fire investigator talks about how he determines whether or not a fire has been deliberately set. Following that conversation, David Frum will join us. He is a former speechwriter for President Bush and the author of The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush. Last week, we discussed the United States' relationship with Iran with Flynt Leverett, a former Bush administration official who worries that President Bush will order attacks on Iran before he leaves office. This week, David Frum gives an opposing view and will explain why he does not think the Bush administration is heading towards war with Iran.

Normally, on any given night, I don't dream. Or rather I don't remember my dreams. But I have occasionally suffered through a vivid nightmare or two. Usually they are of the "live in the studio" variety. I point to Neal and he can't speak. I yell to the engineer to push the button and the engineer screams back "We don't have that button!!!!!" The nightmare ends when I pop up in my bed dripping with sweat, pointer finger in mid-air ready to cue ANYBODY. I need no Freddie Krugers or Jasons chasing me in my dreams. Fudging a live radio program in front of millions of people is horrifying enough, thank you. But what do our nightmares actually mean? And why do we dream in the first place? New York Times science reporter Natalie Angier is among our guests who can provide insight about what our dreams, and nightmares, are trying to tell us. Blog us about your worst nightmare (was your boss watching?). Then we jump start Halloween with syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson. We'll talk about everything from skimpy Halloween costumes to giving out real apples instead of candied ones. Are we slowly taking the fun out of trick or treating?