October 31st Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, sell that house, '07 elections, and vampires.
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October 31st Show

Hello, All. Here's what's happening today:

In our first hour, we'll talk about homeowners who are going to great (extreme) lengths to sell their house, in what is clearly a buyer's market. Granite top kitchen counters, fully remodeled bathrooms, and curb appeal just ain't cutting it anymore. Nowadays, sellers are offering up fancy cars, free trips, and if you buy from one couple in Pittsburgh you'll receive a full refund when they die. (Nope, not kidding.) We'll talk to Washington Post real estate columnist and author Elizabeth Razzi, Sell this House co-host Tanya Memme, and My House is Worth What? host Kendra Todd about the challenges facing homeowners to move that house! Following that, Ken Rudin will be here. In this week's Political Junkie, we'll focus primarily on the upcoming November 6th elections, the candidates who are running, and the issues voters are talking about.

Eric Nuzum is a pop culture critic and a director of programming here at NPR. Turns out, he also knows a thing or two about vampires, and has written a book about them entitled, "The Dead Travel Fast: Stalking Vampires from Nosferatu to Count Chocula." Nuzum immersed himself (literally) in the unconventional underworld of the "undead" and gives an often hilarious recount of traveling across Transylvania, spending hours in a coffin and drinking his own blood. Is he afraid of garlic, I wonder? As I type, our producers are hard at work for a second hour ender topic. You gotta admit, it's hard to top Dracula! Stay tuned, folks.

Enjoy the Show! And Happy Halloween!!!