PoJu: Gore Edition : Blog Of The Nation Political Junkie. Will Gore bring his new laurels to a presidential run?

PoJu: Gore Edition

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Scott's upstairs covering the Mukasey hearings, so I get to steal the PoJu post. There's fun to be had this hour -- a trivia question (you gotta listen for that, we're not letting you search the World Wide Web for those answers), a story about funny family relationships (Obama had the best joke on that one), and of course Gore-y speculation. He says he's not running, but that won't stop us from jabbering about it. Also on tap for today, Paul Tsongas' widow wins a special election, the Iowa GOP moves up its caucus date, and the Values Voters Summit is bringing Republicans to Washington, to state their positions. Come on in, get your political fix. We've got Rudin.