Selling Your Soul to Sell Your House : Blog Of The Nation What are you willing to offer to unload your house?

Selling Your Soul to Sell Your House

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Ok, maybe it hasn't gotten quite that bad, but now is not a great time to put your home on the market. Sure, it may be tempting, with prices dropping, to upgrade to something larger or with a better location, but beware... unloading your current digs may be more trouble than it's worth. Those houses just sitting on the market with the great low-low prices are just like the one you'll be trying to sell, and if you can even get an offer, you're not likely to get a great price. Are you selling your home? Are you offering crazy incentives? I remember a local couple offered a free car if you'd buy their home last year... and now there's a couple offering a free house... buy it now, and get your money back when they die!