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Still Home, Still Missed

It's both our modus operandi, and a fact of our work lives -- Talk of the Nation is a talk-y bunch. Whether it's about our shoes or what's happening in Syria, we are always talking. (Sometimes, I put on my headphones just to take a time-out -- I'm wearing them right now!!) As a result, we all know each other well -- too well, almost (Fridays are either blissfully quiet, or so chatty you either have to join in, or throw the darn headphones on). When one of our group moves on, or worse, away, it's a shock to the natural order of things. Erstwhile TOTN Producer Becky Vlamis -- she of the endlessly fabulous wardrobe -- left at the beginning of the summer to go back to the Windy City, to whom she belonged (can you really belong to a city like D.C.? Discuss.). It was a bummer to lose her unique voice on the show -- so imagine my surprise when I heard it again, this morning, on Tell Me More. Her commentary about moving home is definitely worth a listen, and not just because of TOTN pride. As usual, Vlamis gets to the heart of the matter, without getting maudlin -- in fact, she's the opposite of maudlin, bless her. (I would even go so far as to say that while she was on this show, she waged a one woman war against maudlin -- and weak iced coffee.) Give it a listen -- it's worth remembering what home means.