November 20th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, G.I. Bill, "Cairo", letters, Adoption stories.
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November 20th Show

Over 60 years ago, Franklin D. Rosevelt signed a G.I. Bill that offered soldiers returning from war educational assistance and unemployment benefits. Today, veterans benefits have been cut, and Congress is being urged to improve coverage for reservists. Edward Humes, a journalist and author of the book, "Over Here: How the GI Bill Transformed the American Dream" will talk about the differences between the WWII G.I. bill and the current Montgomery G.I. Bill. And a WWII vet will talk about how the G.I. Bill helped him receive three educational degrees. Following that discussion, we'll talk to journalist G. Willow Wilson about her novel, "Cairo", a thriller set in the Middle Eastern city that brings together five strangers on a quest to find a powerful stolen hookah. At the end of the hour we will read from your emails and blog comments.

Last week, we aired part one of a two part series on adoption. We examined the debate between allowing adoptees access to their original birth records, versus the breach of privacy guaranteed to the birth mother upon deciding to give up her child for adoption.
Today, we will focus on the challenges foreign-born adoptees face. Thousands of orphans from overseas are adopted by families in the United States every year. But gaining access to open records is substantially harder, and sometimes birth records are non-existent. For our entire second hour, we will hear their stories about their personal search for a sense of identity.