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November 26th Show

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday and a restful weekend. Here's what we are working on for your ears today:

Wall Street Journal columnist Robert Frank will help us answer the question, What is Rich? Where exactly is the dividing line between the middle class and the Richie Rich's of the world? I have an idea I am nowhere near that line, but you never know! Frank will breakdown what defines wealth at the beginning of our first hour. After that, we will be joined by Aaron David Miller, a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington and former U.S. Middle East negotiator. We will talk to him about tomorrow's Middle East meeting scheduled in Annapolis, Maryland with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In his op-ed that appears in today's Los Angeles Times, Miller believes tomorrow's meeting "is shaping up to be a case study of what happens when you call a peace conference with high expectations and then reality intrudes." He'll explain why at the end of our first hour.

Currently, the United States has a ban on all organ sales. In our second hour, we'll hear from two surgeons with opposing views on the buying and selling of kidneys. Dr. Arthur Matas says that allowing the sale of kidneys could save lives and money. However, his opponent, Dr. Francis Delmonico, argues that lifting the ban will open a black market to kidney sales and "undermine the fundamental values in our society." What do you think? Should the ban on organ sales be lifted? At the end of the hour, we'll talk to Washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan about the double standards found in America's obsession with beauty. After the death of Donda West, the mother of rap star Kanye West who died two weeks ago after undergoing cosmetic surgery, the blogosphere was chock full of comments that essentially blamed Ms. West for undergoing the operations in the first place. The negative backlash prompted Washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan to note in her article that appeared in the November 18th 'Style Section,' "popular culture pushes and pushes and pushes people toward an ideal. And then tut-tuts when they take the bait." Do you agree? And have you undergone a cosmetic procedure that you received criticism for? Please share your stories on our blog.