November 8th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, profiling the profilers, televangelist dollars, cell phone jammers, who owns a joke, and veteran artifacts .
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November 8th Show

Predicting the behavior of a murderer is extremely difficult, and it is the job of F.B.I. criminal profilers to try to think their way into the head of the offender. Author and New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell wrote an article about criminal profiling for the magazine this week entitled "Dangerous Minds." He and former F.B.I. agent John Douglas will outline the role of criminal profilers and whether their expertise actually does lead to an arrest. Following that, we'll follow the money into the billion-dollar industry of media ministries. The flashy, flamboyant lifestyles enjoyed by some of the nation's best-known televangelists have led a U.S. Senate committee to inquire about the financial workings of their churches. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) heads the Senate Finance Committee and is heading the investigation. He has been quoted as saying, "Jesus comes into the city on a simple mule, and you got people today expanding his gospel in corporate jets. Somebody ought to raise questions about is it right or wrong." Senator Grassley will talk about the questions that are being asked about the church's compensation, bank accounts and donor proceeds. Then we will talk to Ryan Singel, staff reporter for Wired magazine about those dern cell phone jammers that block cell phones. All those topics will appear in our very full first hour.

So have you ever been in need of a good laugh and tuned into a stand-up comedian who blurted out a punchline you could swear you heard before? You probably weren't imagining things. Larry Getlen, a comedy writer and entertainment journalist, wrote an article about the commonality of "joke-jackers" in the world of stand-up comedy for Radar Magazine. Gelten will join us, along with comedian Ralphie May who will tell us how he comes up with material for his act. And in our lead-up to the Veterans Day holiday, we will talk about museums that are accepting donations of memorabilia and artifacts from veterans of war. That's our second hour.

Enjoy listening. See you here Monday. Anthony Brooks will be in the host's chair all next week.