Peace of [Crab]cake? : Blog Of The Nation Annapolis, Md.: known for its history, waterfront, and peace conference?

Peace of [Crab]cake?

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Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, home of the United States Naval Academy, is known for its historic buildings, waterfront, and water taxis. This week, if there is enough good luck and good will -- and it will take a lot of both -- "America's Sailing Capital" could be internationally known for a landmark peace treaty between the Israelis and Palestinians. Could be.

In the first hour, we'll talk to Aaron David Miller, a scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Institute, about a piece he wrote for the Los Angeles Times, "Annapolis is just the first step," in which he argues that "real progress in the Middle East will come through hard work and hard choices after this week's summit." Are you expecting much from the Annapolis Peace Summit? At this juncture, is a peace agreement possible?