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The Boss Is a Rockin'

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Source: tgray1

Last night I experienced my very first Bruce Springsteen concert. Simply put, the man is a god. The things he can do with a harmonica -- mmh! It was all sorts of crazy. I now understand the cult status. I get it. For one, he's a man of the people -- the peoples' musician (or at least that's how he markets himself). And it feels real. In fact, he seems completely and utterly devoid of pretense. At the same time, he also manages to be a man's man, in the best possible sense. He's low maintenance. He doesn't put on airs. No costume changes. No elaborate, distracting accoutrements. Just him on stage, rockin' out for two, three, four hours at a time. A. Ma. Zing. I think that's the biggest difference between Bruce and all the other great rockers out there: men don't want to be Mick, Keith, Bono, InsertOtherRockStarHere. But they absolutely want to be Bruce.* What do you love about The Boss? What's your favorite song? And how many concerts have you been to?

* Even John Cusack, which is why I think he takes his fashion cues from him (see: High Fidelity, in particular).