What Were you Doing Sunday Afternoon? : Blog Of The Nation There aren't many events anymore that bring tens of millions of us to the TV screen... last Sunday was one of the few.
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What Were you Doing Sunday Afternoon?

We are constantly reminded that the cost of our modern, multi-media, always-connected world includes those moments where the entire nation tunes in to watch The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, or the last episode of MASH.

So what were you doing Sunday afternoon?

According to CBS-TV, 32 million of us tuned in to watch the last half-hour of the football game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts - that's the highest TV rating for a regular season NFL broadcast since 1987, and compares to an average of about 16.3 million viewers for less auspicious games. The interest, in case you were gathering mushrooms last Sunday afternoon, stemmed from the fact that both teams were undefeated so far this season, feature two terrific quarterbacks at the top of their games, and New England in particular is regarded as a a juggernaut, maybe one of the best teams ever. ESPN's Chris Berman dubbed the tilt Super Bowl XLI and a half.

Super Bowl XLI, by the way, drew 93 million viewers, though it wasn't half as interesting as Sunday's game.