December 26th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, political junkie, strange travel luggage, new 2008 laws, media not identifying murderers.
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December 26th Show

In our first hour today, Neal Conan and Ken Rudin join forces in another mega-sized Political Junkie. This week, we'll remember the politicians and political figures who died this year, and talk about campaign volunteers and employees who have moved to Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina to rally behind the candidates they support. Plus, Scholastic Magazine's political reporter Sydney Rieckhoff will join us to talk about working the campaign trail and the presidential candidates she's interviewed so far. Did I mention Sydney is 9 years old? Look out, Ken!! And in these dog-days of traveling, we'll talk to Sue Richards, a harpist for the musical group Ensemble Galilei, about the challenges of having such a cumbersome and unusual travel companion. What's the most difficult object you've had to lug with you on a plane?

We beam ourselves six days into the future in our second hour... to the stroke of midnight, January 1, 2008. At that time, a slew of new laws will go into effect. Texting while driving will get you a ticket in some states. You'll have to inhale the outside air along with that cigarette in Illinois. Not to mention new voter ID requirements and New York's "passenger bill of rights" that will protect air travelers stuck on the tarmac for more than three hours. That's just for starters. We will talk to guests about all the new measures that will take effect January 1st where you live. At the end of the hour, NPR ombudsman Lisa Shepard and ABC radio journalist Gil Gross talk about what would happen if the media no longer identified murderers by name... particularly those who kill with the primary goal to become famous.