Special Coverage: White House Press Conference : Blog Of The Nation A presidential press conference, LIVE on Blog of the Nation.
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Special Coverage: White House Press Conference

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Source: tyrian123

The president plans to hold a press conference at 10:10 a.m. Andrea Seabrook will anchor NPR's special coverage, which will be available on many NPR member stations, and at npr.org.

We're going to try something new here, too. I'm going to blog about the conference in real time. It's our foray into "live blogging." Don't look for an abbreviated transcript so much as short summaries of what the president says, complemented with analysis and links to articles, blog posts, and NPR pieces. (I'll ask you to overlook the occasional typo). I'll continue to update one post, adding a new time stamp for each entry. Refresh often!

When the conference ends, let us know what you think. Did you follow it on the blog? In the future, what would you like to see?