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Last week Merriam-Webster revealed their 2007 Word of the Year. Drum roll, please: w00t, as in "Woot! Woot!" Not as good as last year's "truthiness" courtesy of one Mr. Stephen Colbert, but still laudable for its onomatopoetic essence. A substitute for "yay!" "cool," and "awesome," w00t has its origins in l33t-speak ("leet," or "elite"), an Internet-based language that substitutes numbers for vowels. Other contenders for the coveted one-spot: "sardoodledom," "quixotic," and "Pecksniffian." Saucy. So what, you ask, are my personal words of the year? "Sufficient," as in "Do you have sufficient pictures of me?" and "sexy," as in "I am."* Other words being primed for '08: "disarming," as in "My beauty is" and "besmirched," just 'cuz I like how it sounds. Tell us, what is your word of the year?

* A narcissist's grab bag of goodies