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I wish I wasn't so darn skeptical about the whole self-help thing. Every time I see a Chicken Soup For Your — insert person/ethnic group/age group, I want to throw boiling... er... soup on them. However, that's not to say that I haven't occasionally dabbled in gurus — don't repeat this, nameless internet reader — but I own the Tao of Pooh in hardback. Hardback! Well, I'm not the only skeptic out there, despite what those shiny self-help aisles are peddling. The irrepressible Beth Lisick was a hardcore skeptic herself — until she made her New Year's resolution to binge on them. A different guru every month — I'm talking Richard Simmons, that Mars/Venus guy, and even the Chicken Soup dude. She went for it... question is, have you ever gotten help from a guru? Why or why not?