January 15th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, Recession-Proof, Dieting for Dollars, letters, Who Watches Kids?, Next Gen Taliban.
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January 15th Show

Retail sales have dropped, stocks are tumbling and the housing market is in a slump. On the increase? Talk of a recession. In the first hour today, two experts will suggest ways to recession-proof your life, your job and your investments and ride out the current economic decline. Yesterday, we were scheduled to air a show about dieting for dollars, but that segment has been moved to the end of today's first hour. So the following may sound vaguely familiar:
Economist Richard McKenzie will offer a suggestion to those of you who want a "lose weight" do-over. It's not too late. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed about HOW to lose the weight, McKenzie suggests turning those pounds into dollars by putting a wager on it. He explains how at the end of our second hour, and in his Wall Street Journal op-ed, titled Dieting for Dollars.

News of a Washington D.C.mother suspected of killing her four children has made headlines across the country. Authorities say the mother had been living with the bodies for weeks following their deaths without anyone knowing. The mayor of D.C. has since fired six child welfare workers, saying they "just didn't do their job." When a child is reported absent or is believed to be neglected, how is the case investigated? And when should you report suspicions of abuse? Guests in our second hour will talk about the child welfare system and the ways it intervenes and investigates child maltreatment. After that, journalist Nicholas Schmidle talks about the new and more ruthless leadership of the Taliban and explains the reasons behind his deportment from Pakistan last week. His story, entitled Next Gen Taliban, appeared in the January 6th issue of The New York Times Magazine. At the end of the hour we will read from your emails and blog comments.