January 17th Show : Blog Of The Nation Today's specials: talking to your parents about aging, online candidate-match quizzes, the Latino vote, and midlife-crisis cars.
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January 17th Show

Quickie but goodie today, folks... In our first hour, Ask Amy's Amy Dickinson returns to chat with us about one of the most difficult conversations parents and kids have. No, I'm not talking about sex... I'm talking about elder care. When and how do you talk to your parents about being too old to drive, or a move to an assisted living situation? It's not easy, and Amy's got advice, plus some company -- Joseph Coughlin, director and founder of the MIT AgeLab. Next we'll talk about those online quizzes that tell you which candidate's views most match your own... it's not always the person you think you want to vote for. You can try the Minnesota Public Radio quiz now, and call during the segment to let us know how it turned out for you!

In our second hour, we're talking about the Latino vote. Much has been made of how women will vote, and how black people will vote because of the Clinton and Obama candidacies. Their allegiances aren't straightforward, and Latinos are no more predictable. We'll talk about the Latino electorate with Paul Taylor, acting director of Pew Hispanic Center, and Luis Clemens, editor of CandidatoUSA -- an online newsletter about Latino politics. Finally, we want to hear about your midlife crisis car: did you buy one? What did you get? Or what did you just dream about? It's Detroit Auto Show time, so Los Angeles Times automobile critic Dan Neil will tell us what's ahead and help us reflect.

Happy Thursday, all!