January 21st Show : Blog Of The Nation Today's show: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the presidents, the Opinion Page, hostages, and plagiarizing nature writing in a romance novel.
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January 21st Show

Happy MLK Day, everyone! I hope you're sitting by the radio, because in our first hour we've got a great way to remember the great man: a look at how he interacted with, and influenced, Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. With all the talk about King in this year's election, it may be instructive to look at how his ideas translated in real time. Following that, our weekly installment of the Talk of the Nation opinion page... details TBD.

In our second hour, a follow up to our show about the Columbian hostages -- this time, a broader look at the experience of being taken and living as a hostage. We've got two former hostages on the show: John Limbert, one of 52 hostages captured in the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979; and Vincent Cochetel, who was captured while working for the UNHCR and held for 11 months in Chechnya. We'll wrap with a lighter story about the surprising intersection of nature writing and a bodice-ripping romance novel... freelance writer Paul Tolme joins us to talk about how his ferrets showed up as post-coital chat between "hunky American Indian" Shadow Bear and "lusty pioneer woman" Shiona Bramlett in a trashy paperback.