January 22nd Show : Blog Of The Nation Today's Talk: abortion stories, the stock market dives again, suicide bombers, tax rebates, and snow day superstitions.
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January 22nd Show

A couple of jam-packed hours today... first, simply, "I Had an Abortion." It's been 35 years since Roe v. Wade, and we thought that rather than focusing on the political debate, we'd get personal stories from women who have gone through with the decision to have an abortion. It's often incredibly difficult for women to talk about that experience, we'll try to have an honest conversation. If you had an abortion, and you're ready to talk about it, please think about how to tell your story and then call in at 2pm, ET. We want to know about who you talked to prior to making your decision, and how -- and if -- you talk about it now. Next, we've invited Stephanie AuWerter back for some more economy talk... the stock market took another dive this morning, and the Fed cut interest rates again. What does it all mean for you?

In our second hour, suicide bombers. As their attacks mount in Iraq and elsewhere, we learn more about the bombers themselves and the Al-Qaida organization as a whole. We'll take a closer look. Following that, more on the economy -- specifically, tax rebates. Bruce Bartlett, a former economic advisor to the first President Bush, thinks it's a nice gesture that won't do anything to keep the country out of a recession. Finally, high school English teacher Mark Dursin lets us in on one of his students' superstitions that's actually remarkably widespread: the Pajamas-Inside-Out, Spoon-Under-the-Pillow-Snow-Day Ritual.