January 29th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's show, Afghanistan, campaign music, letters, workplace culture, "Zenith Envy".
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January 29th Show

In our first hour today, reporter and author J. Malcolm Garcia will talk about his experiences reporting in Afghanistan. Four years ago, while reporting there, Garcia befriended some young orphans. He left Afghanistan to report on the war in Iraq, and recently returned to the region to find the young friends he left behind. In a piece written for The Virginia Quarterly Review entitled, "All the Country Will Be Shaking," Garcia talks about his search, and describes his anger in discovering that many Afghans aren't receiving aid. After that discussion, songwriter, guitarist and NPR music blogger Carrie Brownstein talks about the campaign music underscoring each of the presidential candidates. At the end of the hour, we'll read from your emails and blog comments.

In our second hour, we will talk about fitting into the culture of your place of employment. Not all work environments are created equal. Is your workplace a perfect fit for you... or are you having a hard time fitting in and conforming to its policies and procedures? Call in and share you story. Then we've gotta talk about the upcoming Super Bowl. I, like millions of people across the nation, am scrambling to figure out which friend or sports bar boasts the largest, widest, highest def TV screen. Finding the perfect seat in front of the perfect television is almost as stressful as watching the actual game. Rob Manker feels my pain... and has a name for it. "Zenith Envy." Is your TV big enough for the Super Bowl? We'll ask him.