January 31st Show : Blog Of The Nation On the show Obama and the Black Vote, Will You Do Better Than Your Parents?, and the Morgan State University Choir.
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January 31st Show

I'm happy to blog about our "coming up" show today, because, as I type this, I am sitting on the campus of my alma mater, where we are broadcasting Talk of the Nation today. Our show will be coming to you from the Carl Murphy Fine Arts Center at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. It's an incredible trip to be here and it's always a thrill to broadcast in front of a live audience, especially when your former professors are sprinkled throughout the crowd. Here's what we'll be discussing today:

For our entire first hour, we will talk about the effect Barack Obama's presidential candidacy has on the black community. We'll be hearing from students in the audience, and we want to hear from you as well. Remember back in the day when you "pshawed" the thought of ever seeing a black presidential candidate in your lifetime? Well, here we are. So now that the moment has arrived, how do you feel about it? What does your dinner table conversation sound like? Are you excited about his run? Downright scared? A little nervous that he may disappoint? What do you hear people of an older generation saying? And what if, after all this hoopla, he doesn't win? We want to hear your thoughts. And we'll try to explore this issue from as many angles as possible.

We recently got wind of a startling statistic. Last year, the Pew Charitable Trust reported that that 45% of African Americans who were born into middle class families during the 1960s are currently doing worse economically than their parents. Not only that, but if African Americans have reached middle class status, they're standing on shaky ground. In our second hour, we will ask you and the students here at Morgan what their hopes are of surpassing their parents... And we'll ask parents what their expectations for their children are. And at the end of the hour, we're going to hear from the Morgan State University Choir. Now, if you haven't heard this choir before, your ears are in for something good!!! And if you HAVE heard them before, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I used to be a member of the choir under the leadership of Dr. Nathan Carter, who passed away in 2004. I was the one standing in the back row with tears streaming down my face because, without fail, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They are now under the direction of Dr. Eric Conway and they haven't lost a beat. The choir is usually around 150 strong, but today, we'll hear the voices of about 50 of them. Please enjoy what you hear. If I may say so myself, Morgan still sounds absolutely glorious!!!!