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In this video, courtesy of Talking Points Memo, Mike Huckabee talks about his secret to winning South Carolina. "He knows how to speak the language," he can eat grits, and he remembers -- with apparent fondness -- how "[he and his friends] used to take a popcorn popper ... and fry squirrel." Did you hear that, John, Mitt, and Rudy? Were they doing that at the Naval Academy? At Brigham Young? (Certainly rodents, fried or roasted, weren't on the menu at Manhattan College).

Ah, the presidential race continues.... And as last night's contest shows, it is still up for grabs. In the first hour, our Political Junkie Ken Rudin will be here to take your questions. If you're from South Carolina, have you made up your mind yet? Are you wondering how Ken likes his squirrel? Later in the segment, Bill Richardson will join us, to talk about why he has dropped out. What would you like to ask him?